Cello Books for Beginners

Taking music lessons can be one of life's most rewarding activities. If you're a beginner, having the right books are essential for learning proper cello technique and how to read music. Below is a list of must-have cello books for beginners to enhance their music education. 

1. Colourstrings Cello ABC Books - The Colourstrings method uses colorful notation and playful activities to make music learning simple and fun. The colorful pictures are helpful for memory, as well as keeping young children engaged. The Colourstrings book is the only one I know of that gives a young student the opportunity to start learning how to read music from the very first page. 

2. Suzuki Cello Books - The Suzuki Method is one of the most well-known music education systems for string players. Important elements of the Suzuki method include learning to play the instrument before learning to read music, listening to recordings of the music, and social interaction with other music students. 

3. Alwin Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies - These method books are three volumes comprised of selections and arrangements from many of the most influential instructive works including Cossmann, Dotzauer, Duport, Grutzmacher, Lee, and Piatti. They're a great way to easily supplement repertoire with many different kinds of cello studies. 

4. Rick Mooney's Thumb Position for Cello and Double Stops for Cello - Most method books for beginners stay on one string and strictly in first through fourth position on the cello. These books are beneficial because they introduce thumb position and double stops with simple classical pieces and folk tunes.