iOS Apps for Musicians

As musicians, we have to carry around our instruments, music scores, and loads of other gadgets. It can be much more convenient to have some of these items readily available on your iPhone or iPad. Below is a list of helpful iOS apps for professional musicians, music students, and teachers. 

1. forScore - This app allows you to store your entire collection of music scores on your iPad. Simply upload a PDF of your music, and you will be able to easily create files and search by composer, genre, or key. You can also annotate scores, create setlists for concerts, easily share you music, and more. I highly recommend forScore for traveling and keeping your sheet music organized. 

2. Tempo - Tempo by Frozen Ape is my favorite metronome app. It includes tempo ranges from 10 to 800, 35 different time signatures, 9 rhythm patters, visual pulsations, customizable accents, setlists, and more. You can also connect with a bluetooth speaker to play it loud enough for lessons, chamber music rehearsals, etc. 

3. Cleartune - This app has a great tuner and tone generator. It offers a variety of pitch and temperament settings which can be useful for musicians who frequently have to switch between modern and baroque instruments. Cleartune is so easy to use that I have the parents of some of my younger students download the app to help them with tuning their child's instruments at home. 

4. Oxford Dictionary of Music - The Oxford Dictionary of Music can be useful to have on hand for looking up questions about music. It contains 12,500 articles covering all kinds of musical subjects including composers, performers, conductors, musical works, instruments, and musical terms. 

5. Better Ears - This is a great music education app for students who want some extra practice in ear training and music theory. It provides a variety of exercises including interval recognition, chord recognition, chord progressions, scales, and sight reading. 

6. Music Journal Pro - This practice journal app is a great accessory for students who need a little extra organization and motivation in the practice room. It provides a progress tracker, timer, and organized folders to help manage practice sessions.